1 August 2010 – last chance workout


• Exercise: 533
• Consumed: 1076

The Chinese meal Commando talked me into last night was weighing heavy on my mind this morning. The worry was it would also weigh rather heavy on the scales tomorrow too. With little time to work it off before weigh in I did some vigorous gardening this morning followed by some Boxing on the punchbag this afternoon after Commando had gone to work. The boxing certainly makes me sweat so I think I will add this to my routine on a regular basis.

The takeaway slip up didn’t actually take me over my calories once I’d added all those exercise ones but even so… If it hadn’t been for my last chance workout with my personal trainer, Commando, things could have been far worse. If only I could do that every day. With a little luck the combination of all that sweating and a good food day today will stop me from having a scales disaster tomorrow. Then again there was the night out last Thursday too, maybe I’ll just do a bit more on the punchbag…

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