2 August 2010 – too many nuts?


11 st 4.6 lb BMI 27.2 Size 14
• Exercise: 457
• Consumed: 1186

Well the weigh in went much as I expected. I didn’t lose weight but, on the plus side, I didn’t gain either so I guess that is a bonus. Somehow I can’t help being disappointed though because, despite the the meal out and the Chinese, I worked hard on my exercise and I made good choices on the meal so I feel a little cheated. Oh well, onwards and downwards. my week off starts tomorrow so I have to make the most of it and do as much exercise as possible.

After work today Rae and Primo asked me to go to the pub with them. Primo is off to America for three weeks at the end of this week and I am off on my mystery tour at the beginning of September so we won’t be seeing each other for a long time now. Much as I wanted to go home and exercise to get a head start for next week’s weigh in I went. It was supposed to be just the one drink but, with Primo, I knew that was never going to happen and I was right.

Things began well with a diet coke and a bag of roasted peanuts in lieu of dinner. Not the healthiest of evening meals I know but at least not starchy carbs and, as it was half past eight before we even got to the pub, I had to eat something. Unfortunately, the good (ish) choices were followed by rum and coke but only one. All in all I guess you could call that an almost result.

It was almost midnight by the time I got home. For a split second I thought about getting on the Wii Fit for half an hour but then I realised that might actually qualify me as obsessive. Obsessive or not I did take the time to fill in my calorie and exercise diary. As all I’d had for dinner was a small bag of roasted peanuts I also had a few hazelnuts and some cocoa before I finally collapsed into bed. So many nuts in one day may not be a good thing but hey ho.

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