3 August 2010 – out exercising a bad diet


• Exercise: 1130
• Consumed: 1150

Good job I didn’t have to go to work this morning, what with the late night. This is a holiday only in name because I’m not going away anywhere but I’m planning on fitting lots of exercise in because I don’t want another stayed the same next Monday. It’s Commando’s birthday on weigh in day and we will be going out for a meal which will be an ordeal if I’ve stayed the same or, worse still, gained.

Being at home means I had lots of time to exercise so today I started with an hour on the Wii before my shower and breakfast. After a bit of housework I went for a long walk ending at the shops. The heavy bags I carried home helped burn the calories. This evening I did 35 minutes on the punch bag which is a really tough workout. Although there are more temptations at home than at work and more time to think about them I’ve been good with food too. It would be nice to ban biscuits and crisps from the house but with Commando and Mini Commando around that is just not possible. The best I can do is put them in a cupboard away from the other food so I don’t see them every time I go to prepare a meal.

Normally when I’m working I don’t get home until 9 and then I do some exercise before I eat. That means I eat pretty late in the evening. Today I ate with Commando at a normal hour. When I say normal I mean four o’clock, because he has to go to work at six. Now I have a long evening ahead to avoid throwing it all away by snacking. There are some nice low calorie things to hand so hopefully I will be able to stick to them when I get hungry later, as I am bound to becausde my body is expecting food at 9:30 or 10.

Tomorrow Alfie is coming round with her little boy and we’re going to have lunch together. I hope the weather stays nice so we can sit outside and avoid waking Commando up. I have the ingredients for a nice cous cous salad for our lunch which will keep me on track. Hope she doesn’t bring any cakes!

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