4 August 2010 – fat girl running


• Exercise: 953
• Consumed: 1078

The weather smiled on me today. Alfie and I sat in the garden and her little boy toddled around being an angel even though she says he’s naughty. The last time she saw me it was May and she was shocked at how much weight I’ve lost since then. Hearing someone say you look amazing is quite a morale boost, especially as I didn’t lose this week and was feeling a bit demoralised.

The heart rate monitor I ordered on eBay arrived today. It was more complicated than I’d expected and I’m not sure if I’ve set it up right so I think I will get Commando to have a look at the weekend, he’s good with techy things. The heart rate bit is working but when I did some cycling on the Wii tonight it said I had burned about 250 calories which is much more than I thought. I did put my sex and weight in but I’m worried there is something else I am missing. It wouldn’t be good to be thinking I’d burned loads when actually I hadn’t and end up not losing because of it.

There wasn’t as much exercise today as yesterday but, as well as the Wii cycling, I dug my trainers out and planned to run twice round The Crescent. This may not sound like much but it entails the Little Hill, which is little in name only and the back of the crescent hills, which are two normally steep hills one after the other. Being slightly cowardly I chose to go up the two normal hills and back down the Little Hill. If I hadn’t I may have died. As it was, I gotto the top of the first hill and had to stop running and start walking. I walked fast round the back of the crescent and then ran down the Little Hill with my legs almost running away with me. It only took 5 minutes but I was worn out so decided to chicken out and just do it once. Partly this was down to feeling self conscious, wondering what the neighbours would think if I just kept going round with all my wobbly bits jiggling about. If only we lived somewhere flat it would be so much easier.

Tomorrow I’m planning to walk into town to get Commando’s present and card and then walk back again. Its about five miles so that should burn a few calories. I really want to have a good week this week to make up for last week and because I’m off work I have the opportunity to get lots of extra exercise in. Hopefully the birthday meal won’t counteract all my good efforts.

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