5 August 2010 – present shopping

Walking to town

Walking to town

• Exercise: 1239
• Consumed: 1026

Today I’ve been very busy. With no time limits due to not having to go to work, I did a long session on the Wii this morning, my normal routine then two ten minute boxing sessions (which are strangely actually 13 mins long??) and a half hour on the step. After a shower, breakfast, some housework and getting some washing done and out I set off for town.

The route to town is more or less the same as my walk to work but a little bit longer. Today I had my new heart rate monitor which is almost set up. Ok, I still have to work out and set my upper and lower limits which means the calorie burn doesn’t work properly yet but I’ll get to the working out tonight and get Commando to help me set it up tomorrow. It was really interesting to see that my heart rate went higher on the uphill bits of my walk to work than it did on the 30 minute step when I have the Wii board on top of my Reebok step. That was a surprise. The step certainly felt harder.

These days I walk pretty fast so I made the three miles into town in about 35 mins. After a dash around West Quay where I got Commando’s birthday presents, cards, wrapping paper and a ton of nuts, seeds and cranberries, I stopped for a skinny latte in Pret a Manger then set off for the walk back home. Going home is more uphill than the walk in and I was pretty hot by the time I got in. Just time for a quick bite to eat and a drink and I dashed up the Little Hill to visit Gigi.

The afternoon was nice and relaxing, drinking coffee and catching up with Gigi who is working for a cruise company three days a week now. What a shame she can’t get me a job. When I realised I’d lost track of time and it was almost four o’clock I had to run down the Little Hill because I hadn’t even thought about dinner. Commando he has to leave for work at six and he’s incapable of cooking unless I leave something ready prepared with instructions. This is not a complaint you understand because he does the bulk of the housework.

The plan was to do a boxing session on the punch bag this evening. Unfortunately Commando left early to go to the gym to teach a class and took the gloves with him. Obviously fate was telling me enough was enough so I’m going to have a chilled evening. I have done almost four and a half hours of exercise today, not even counting the housework and laundry, and burned over 1200 calories so I guess I deserve a little sit down with my book. I am on holiday after all.

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