6 August 2010 – sometimes only chocolate will do


• Exercise: 330
• Consumed: 1287

Today was a bad day. Not bad in the diet and exercise department just BAD. A family issue came up that forced me to talk about a time in my life I would rather not think about. It was something I hadn’t really thought about for a very long time and would rather not have had to confront. Enough said.

Now I’m feeling quite down and shaken by the emotions that it has dredged up. My brain is telling me to comfort eat. I want a BIG bar of chocolate or to eat my way through the boy’s tin filled with chocolate biscuits. Down that route lies weight gain though so, so far, I have resisted and I am sitting with a can of diet coke watching Biggest Loser on sky plus.


2 thoughts on “6 August 2010 – sometimes only chocolate will do

  1. I like to think of family problems like this.
    You will not have any more power over me. You have done enough damage to my self esteem and my feelings over the years and I have coped by eating my feelings. Your turn to beat me up is over. Now I am a fighter and I will take on anyone who tries to beat me back down. Even if its memories. Don’t let them win. And don’t give in. You’ve come too far to lose a battle. Because you are winner the war!!! Sending love and burned calories your way!!

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