7 August 2010 – throwing it all away


• Exercise: 394
• Consumed: 1520

Last night I resisted the comfort eating. This was mainly because I posted how I was feeling on the BL site and had so many messages of support from the fabulous ladies on the BL site. These kept me positive and, as a bonus, kept me busy. In the end I just had a nice cup of cocoa with a dash of rum and a muller light (ok two mullers lights). Situation avoided.

Football today and the first match of the season. It was not a good start because we lost. Saints played fantastically for the first half but didn’t score then played appallingly for the second half and let in a goal. Oh well, we always start the season badly so I should have expected it really. We walked to the stadium and back, via a quick drink in the Waterfront (just a diet coke I promise) on the way home. At half time I did have a snickers bar but as it was midday kick off I counted it as lunch. This is not the healthiest lunch in the history of the world even if it does have peanuts but I enjoyed every single bite too.

We had a lazy rest of the afternoon and once again Commando wanted a chinese and I was too weak willed to say no. As a treat once a month or so it is almost Ok but this is getting a bit excessive and isn’t helping my diet. Once again I did stick to small portions and didn’t actually eat it all either not to mention counting it all in my food diary. There were even enough calories left to have some prawn crackers in the evening when Commando opened them but i wouldn’t say i’m exactly proud of myself.

All in all it could have been worse but I ended with just sixty something calories left even after adding in all the walking calories. Fingers crossed this doesn’t mess up my weigh in on Monday. That would be a terrible shame after I’ve worked so hard on exercise this week. I don’t think I could stand another week with no loss, even if I do deserve it.

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