9 August 2010 – too much birthday food


11 st 3.6 lb BMI 27.1

• Exercise: 1074
• Consumed: 2176

Today was Commando’s birthday so I took the day off and we walked into town, had a coffee, looked around the shops and walked home again then spent some time in the garden. It was much better than being stuck in the office with a head set on I can tell you. Wouldn’t it be nice to live like that all the time?

Now I’m just back from Commando’s birthday meal at TGI Fridays and I am not liking the feeling too full sensation very much. There was a huge effort to limit what I ate and I had a starter rather than a main but desert proved to be irresistible. Thankfully Commando and Mini Commando are greedy pigs and tucked into my desert after eating their own. They also ate some of my starter. Bless them!

Despite this the calorie content was horrendous. In preparation I’d Googled the calorie count before we went and chosen my food accordingly, apart from the desert which was an aberration that should not have happened. Helped by my 1078 calorie burn today through exercise and a very frugal lunch and breakfast, I am still under calories and could even have a little snack later if I wanted. That is not going to be happening though as I can hardly move right now.

Mini Commando has just made me a cup of coffee and I can’t drink it as my stomach is too full!!! This is why I don’t like eating too much and I’m holding onto this memory so I can remember if I’m tempted in future. It was a lovely meal and I did enjoy it but don’t think Ill be repeating the experience in a hurry. Let’s hope I don’t pay for it on the scales next Monday.


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