10 August 2010 – a stairs challenge


• Exercise: 391
• Consumed: 1155

Today it was a reluctant walk back to the Mad House. At least it was sunny but that just served to remind me I was going to be stuck in an office all day instead of walking along the river or working in the garden. There was some Wii Fit before i left, one of the advantages of not starting until ten but having to get out of bed at six thirty because Commando is getting into bed after a night at work. Thinking about how I could fit in some extra exercise I decided to walk up the stairs when I got to Mad House, all six flights to my floor. Of course, it was possible I’d need medical attention when I got to the top but, on balance, I thought it was worth the risk.

Once I’d gone through the turnstile and was stood at the bottom of the first flight of stairs I almost changed my mind. There was that angel, devil thing going on again but I told the devil to shut up and started off. I actually ran the first four flights and then staggered the rest with my heart pounding in my ears. By the time I got to the top I think I may have been close to a heart attack. My face was bright red, my hair was sticking to my scalp and I was huffing and wheezing for about ten minutes. People coming out of the lifts stopped to look at me with concern as I stood in the hall trying to get my heart rate back to normal. Luckily no one actually tried to resuscitate me.

Seems to me whenever I have a holiday something changes and I walked into the office, all red in the face to find we have two new boys on the team. Mikey is young and good looking if you like that slightly over groomed look. To be honest I thought he was gay until Panda put me straight. He’s actually trying to get into the RAF so Mad House is really just a stop gap job for him and he seems quite friendly, if a little shy. The other new boy is not really new, he’s just been moved from another team because he wanted to change his hours. He’s called Coconut Boy because, as he put it, “I’m brown on the outside but white in the middle.” Mitty is telling everyone he’s her cousin but he’s telling everyone he isn’t. Someone is telling lies but I’m not sure who. Anyway he’s a bit of a joker and he seems to have taken poor, shy Mikey under his wing.

All in all I did the office stairs twice up and three times down. After the first attempt at running I decided that was a step too far and walked the second time. Even so I was still a beetroot coloured mess by the time I got to my floor. It did help that three out of four lifts were out of order today so people probably thought I was impatient rather that stark staring mad. Probably…

If the little devil doesn’t win I’ll do the same on tomorrow and see if I find it any easier.


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