11 August 2010 – stairs fallout

Mad House

Mad House

• Exercise: 193
• Consumed: 1028

It’s a bit depressing being back at work after my week off. If only I could stay at home and keep getting loads of exercise in. Commando had a dentist appointment so he gave me a lift in which meant exercise was sadly lacking especially as I only did minimal Wii when I got up because I was feeling tired after yesterday’s stairs escapade.

Really I should have done the stairs again but I didn’t. This was mainly down to my quads which feel like they’re made of lead and hurt when I move. Tonight when I got in I didn’t go on the Wii either because I was feeling wiped out after an especially busy day at work and my legs were still aching. this is all very disappointing seeing as I’ve got used to seeing the big calorie burns each day while I’ve been off and eating the extra exercise calories too. Still, I haven’t had a single rest day since I started on the BL site and I didn’t take a day out when I was on holiday and just do nothing so I guess I shouldn’t beat myself up too much.

Tomorrow I am determined to get up and do the full wii fit routine and then walk into work. When I get home I’m also going to do my housework so I’m freed up to go on a long walk on Friday morning before Commando gets up. If the weather is good I plan to do the Riverside walk again because I enjoyed it so much last week. Hopefully I can make up for today by some big calorie burns over the weekend and get a good loss on Monday. I am also going to do my best to tackle the stairs in the morning and possibly again at lunch time. They may have to cart me off to the medical room afterwards though!

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