13 August 2010 – sandbags in my rucksack


Thursday • Exercise: 679 • Consumed: 1129

• Exercise: 1101
• Consumed: 1296

True to my word I did the riverside walk again this morning. This time I filled my little leather Versace rucksack with the weights from my rebook weights. I weighed the rucksack, complete with weights and all the other rubbish I carry around and it was well over 11 lb! This was not some kind of masochistic self torture but an effort to burn more calories. Last night I checked it out on the BL having exercise calories and it really does work, well, in theory anyway, the proof of the pudding…

The walk was lovely. The park is more or less empty on a Friday morning with just the odd dog walker and a few hardy fishermen up by the White Swan so it is a peaceful walk. The rucksack was heavy but bearable and I certainly felt the difference, although the straps were digging into my shoulders a bit as I walked up the hill at the end. Luckily I even managed to get home before it started to rain. All this burned over 800 calories which is 100 more than doing the same walk without the weighted rucksack. Ok, so one hundred calories doesn’t sound like a huge difference but that’s almost five squares of Green and Blacks dark chocolate.

Sadly I don’t think my poor little rucksack is up to the job. I think the leather straps will snap if I carry on filling it with weights which would be a shame as I do love it and I use it for work most days. Tomorrow I think I will walk into town and see if I can get a rucksack that can take the weight (and possibly more if I get braver) and keep the nice one for going out.

Thinking about the weight I carried today makes me realise I was carrying that around with me all the time until recently. In fact I was carrying much more than that. I’m not sure I could carry all the weight I’ve lost since I was at my very heaviest, thirty seven and a half pounds in total. No wonder I feel so much better.

This evening my thighs are really aching and my hips. Seeing as I walk a lot, for my legs and hips to ache it means it really did make a difference. Next time I think I may use bags of sand though as I think they may be better than the weights. Maybe I could use the little sandwich bags I fill with the amount I have lost each week, they would probably pack into my rucksack better and not feel so clunky. Probably I’d need to wrap them up tightly first though. They are sealed but I don’t want them to leak. Imagine how silly I’d look trailing sand along behind me like Handsel and Gretel with their breadcrumbs. Then again, at least I wouldn’t get lost.

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