14 August 2014 – shopping for pants



• Exercise: 1010
• Consumed: 1201

Today I walked into town to burn some calories and to look for rucksacks while I was at it. After a bit of a hunt I found a nifty little sports rucksack with padded straps so I can load it up with my bags of sand for my next walk. It has nice strong straps too so it should hold up ok and not cut into my shoulders either. After that I treated myself to some fancy pants in Debenhams. These were a bit of an extravagance, being proper designer ones from Jasper Conran and Ted Baker but they were size 14 and silk. the height of decadence but it really was about time because my old ones are so big now they keep falling down. Luckily I live in trousers really or it could have been embarrassing. Imagine if those huge knickers had ended up round my ankles in the street! The pants weren’t cheap either but, after all the effort I’ve made to lose weight I think I deserve a treat and a pants treat is way better than a food treat.

The walk to town and back, plus the walk around the shops earned me more than eight hundred calories! Not only that but I managed to get indoors just before it started to rain. All in all I’d call that a good little shopping expedition.

There was a little more unplanned exercise this evening when we almost ran out of milk and I had to walk down to Tesco Express to get more. The only down side to the day is a blister that feels like its coming up on the bottom of my foot. Tomorrow I need to take care of that. A pedicure is in order!

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