15 August 2010 – hills and bombshells

The Little Hill, not so little

The Little Hill, not so little

• Exercise: 620
• Consumed: 1263

The sun was back out this morning so I took advantage while I could and walked up the Big Hill to do my grocery shopping. Two heavy shopping bags should have helped with the calorie burn on the way back down. Good job it’s uphill there and downhill going back!

Philo, Sirona and the girls visited this afternoon. Normally this is something I look forward to but, today, not so much. The bombshell of the big family secret had to be dropped and I wasn’t at all sure how he was going to take it. This is not a secret I want to share with the world and it’s not a secret of my making either but it is something I’ve been keeping from the boys and, through circumstances beyond my control, the time has come to tell them, mostly because Philo has been digging around on Ancestry.com and it’s possible he could find out without me telling him which would not be good. After a lot of soul searching and talking to Commando I told Mini Commando and Bard last week. I’d rather have told them all together but that wasn’t possible. Thankfully it didn’t cause the ructions or recriminations I thought it might the first time but I was more nervous about Philo. To take my mind off things before they arrived I did the cooking for the week and cleaned the kitchen.

In the end it all went ok. All three boys took it well and it wasn’t as big deal for them as it was for me. It has been a tough couple of weeks with it all hanging over me but it’s done now. I promise no comfort eating tonight. Weigh in tomorrow so I can’t afford to.

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