16 August 2010 – stairs and sandbags

New rucksack

New rucksack

11 st 1.6 lb
• Exercise: 777
• Consumed: 1123

This morning, ater a good weigh in where I lost 2 lb, YAY, I decided that I would carry my sandbags in my brand new rucksack on my walk to work to burn some extra calories. All went well and I got to work at the usual time, a little but more tired than usual but no problem. Inside the building I foolishly decided that, to be really good, I would walk up the stairs (I’m on floor 6 so there are 12 flights!). Last week I promised myself I would try to do this at least once a day from now on but, when I made that promise, I hadn’t factored in the sandbags.

Somehow I made it but it was touch and go and I had to stop on floor four to catch my breath and let the world stop spinning. When I got to the top I had to go into the loo and splash water on my face because I thought I might have spontaneously combusted if I didn’t cool myself down. Then break time came around and all the lifts were out of order. OK, I thought, that will be twice today so I will have done well. So down the stairs I went to the canteen to get my latte and back up after my break. Boy did I need that latte when I got back to my desk!

Guess what? Same story at lunch time and again during my afternoon break. Have Mad House never heard of lift engineers? So up and down I kept going, complete with my rucksack and sand bags. To cap it all, my lovely friend Rae talked me into signing up for a 10k run for Cancer research at lunch time (more about this later as it takes place in October). They did say I could walk fast, and Rae said my walking fast is about the same speed as her running. We shall see.

After all that up and down stairs with the sandbags I was feeling pretty glad I wasn’t going to have to walk home. Normally Rae gives me a lift although we do have to walk up to the Common to her car. Today though, because we were very quiet, names were put into a hat so some of us could go home early. Guess who got picked? Yes that’s right, my amzing friend Rae. Needless to say I didn’t get picked too so, after a day running up and down stairs with the sandbags, I got to walk home with them too. Great calorie burn but very hot tired feet and I think I have a blister on my blister.

Oh well, tomorrow’s another day. Wonder if the lifts will be working?

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