19 August 2010 – a bad day and a good day


Tuesday • Exercise: 941 • Consumed: 1034
Wednesday • Exercise: 1064 • Consumed: 948
• Exercise: 924
• Consumed: 953

Bad, bad day at work today. Nothing but horrible calls, complicated queries and just plain difficult customers. If I had a pound for every time someone swore at me I could probably give up work altogether. This was the last day in a week of rubbish calls but it was by far the worst. To cap it all I didn’t even get any sales. After such a quiet afternoon yesterday it was so manic I ended up working thorough part of my lunch break to get some call backs done because I couldn’t get any time off the phones to do them. To end a rubbish day I was half way home when I realised I’d left my trainers under my desk. Once I get to work I change into pumps because people keep looking at me in an odd way of I keep the trainers on all day, plus they make my feet hot, somehow I’d neglected to change back into the trainers before I left the office.

By the time I realised it was too late and I was too tired to turn back so I had to leave them there. This might not have been quite as bad if I hadn’t planned a jog/walk round Riverside tomorrow morning with Rae. Lots of the people on BL are taking up jogging and Rae will be running the 10k so I thought I’d best make an effort. Running is really not my thing and it will be even more difficult without my trainers. I do have a pair of walking shoes but I haven’t worn them for ages so I’m not sure if they’ll be good for jogging. To be honest I’m not sure I will be good for jogging either but needs must.

On the plus side, I walked into work and home with my 11 lb rucksack, took the stairs all day, exercised on the Wii this morning and didn’t eat anything bad. With the walk home too I burned almost 1000 calories through exercise and after my dinner and a supper of muller light I am still under 1000 calories so can have some nuts or a cocoa with rum, even both if I want, without going over my calories.

I’m proud of myself for not letting a bad day turn into a binge or an excuse to be lazy, even though the chocolate bars in the canteen looked very tempting and the bus home was calling me. Strangely I can’t wait for tomorrow morning and the riverside walk again this time with the lovely Kate. Maybe I can persuade her to walk rather than jog.


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