20 August 2010 – walk jogging with Rae


• Exercise: 1169
• Consumed: 1493

At the crack of dawn, well eight O’clock, Rae and I set off for Riverside. She lives in Gosport which is flat as a pancake so, almost at once, she slowed to a walking pace which was good for me because I was wearing my walking shoes and, anyway, I was less than keen on the whole jog/walk thing. This is one of the flattest walks around here but there was a great deal of grumbling and huffing when we left the Main Road and headed up towards the park. The funny thing is I’d never even realised it was up hill until then. Compared to the Big Hill and the Little Hill the road is just a gentle slope. Rae thought otherwise and made sure I knew it.

Theres a steep slope down into the park and Rae set off running down that with me making an effort to keep up with her. Luckily she runs pretty slowly. Having someone to talk to made the walk seem really short to me but Rae was surprised how far we were going. I’m pretty sure it’s only about five miles there and back and we’ve signed up for 10k which is six point something so some training is needed.

She was really impressed with the park and kept saying she wished there was something like it near her home, especially with the river and the swans. Woodmill made her squeal with delight but the strange poo smell wafting from the water treatment plant across the river on the way back didn’t impress her. The funny thing is I’ve never smelt it before. This is the same Rae who believes in letting her wind go free at every opportunity and often has us all moaning about the smell at work. She really didn’t have much room for complaint.

When we came to the slope back out of the park at the end she almost had to be pushed up it and the bottom of the Big Hill, which is nothing compared to the top, had her grumbling again. It was a fun morning though. Hope we can do it again some time, preferably when I actually have some trainers.


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