21 August 2010 – football temptations


• Exercise: 652
• Consumed: 1338

Well I didn’t get to do much exercise today except the walk to and from the football, although I did carry my sandbags in my rucksack. Commando was worried about how I would explain them if they asked what they were when my bag was searched on the way in. I knew it wouldn’t be a problem though. When it comes to womens handbags they just have a little look inside. Can you imagine the time it would take to go through all the handbags of all the women who go to football? There would be no time for the match. We all carry so much junk around with us all the time and some of the stuff lurking at the bottom of mine would really not bear close inspection.

It was an emotional match, being the first after the club’s owner, Markus Liebherr, passed away suddenly last week. The number of tributes outside the ground were astounding, especially as many were very expensive football shirts with messages written on. Having said that, looking at the size of quite a few of our supporters, if you inspected the seams they would probably all be strained to bursting point so the shirts were probably old ones they’d ‘grown out of’. There is certainly enough material in the crowd for about 100 years worth of Biggest Looser shows and that’s mainly the men.

Sadly it ended a 1-1 draw. But spirts were running high and Markus’ family were there watching the match. It must have made them feel good to see how much the fans cared about him, especially all the clapping and cheering when his picture was on the big screens. I’m sure I must have burnt loads of calories just from clapping, my arms were aching. Perhaps there should be something in the exercise diary for that.

My new motto is ‘be prepared’ so I took a fibre bar for half time so I wasn’t tempted when Commando got the Snickers bars out. We didn’t go to the pub before or after either so that was good, at least on the calorie front. Walking past all the burger stands and smelling the cooking smells was hard. Usuaully we would have one on the way into the ground. I walked past today though.

To burn a few more calories and make up for the lack of exercise, I have cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom this evening and I’m now settling down with a nice diet coke to watch some TV. Occasionally I wonder if I’m becoming a little obsessive but, then, I guess that is what it takes to lose weight.

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