23 August 2010 – disappointed and late


• Exercise: 384
• Consumed: 1127

Not the best of mornings. I forgot to reset my alarm from Friday and didn’t even realise until I noticed the clock on GMTV. By then it was 8 o’clock! The mad dash to get ready for work was compounded by the fact it was weigh in day. I had only lost 0.6lb too which was very dissappointing so I felt quite down about everything, especially as I didn’t have time for any exercise. A rushed shower and breakfast, quick flick of makeup and hair dried and I was really running late. To cap it all, it was raining outside. Luckily Commando was able to give me a lift to work so I made it in the nick of time.

The first thing I saw was Panda, back from her holiday so that started to lift my mood and then an early sale helped me begin to feel back on track. After all I lost 2 lb last week so with this 0.6 it is still over 1 lb a week. I know I worked really hard last week with all the stair walking and carrying my back pack, plus walking home from work on Thursday as well as in. Perhaps it’s the dreaded muscle catching up with me again. Another thought was I was well below my calories a few times during the week. Some people say if you don’t eat all your calories your body stops burning so perhaps that’s another thing to consider.

Because I didn’t walk in to work today I missed out on a calorie burn, although I did walk home tonight. I was planning to do some exercise when I got in but ended up not doing any so a bad, bad day on the calorie burn, especially after I missed my mooring work out.

I have finally found out where Commando is taking me for our surprise holiday and, for my next weigh in I will be in Italy! I think I will weigh in early on Sunday morning, before we set off for the airport hotel. If next week is going to be a catch up week I want to know about it and not have it swallowed up by any gains I might make while I’m away. I have worked so very hard to get this far, nothing is going to stop me now!


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