25 August 2010 – soaked and tired but still working out


Tuesday 24th • Exercise: 962 • Consumed: 963

• Exercise: 1158
• Consumed: 1190

Today was wet but I managed to get to work without getting too drenched, although it was spitting with rain most of the way. Other than that it was quite a normal day. I walked up and down the stairs a few times with my rucksack. At eight o’clock when I left the office it was really raining so I decided to take the bus, especially as it was already dark because of the rain. As I got to the bus stop there was a bus there waiting so I ran. He waited until I got right to the door then drove off. Why do they do that? Im sure they get some perverse joy out of it. Anyway, as the next bus wasn’t for half an hour and it takes me about thirty five to forty minutes to walk home, I decided to walk despite the rain. After all I was going to get wet waiting so I might as well walk and burn some calories.

Of course, I was soaked by the time I got in. Absolutely drenched. The walk took a little longer than normal because the old school playground was flooded so I had to walk round the long way. Being all wet and tired, I wanted to come in and sit down but I didn’t. Instead I got the Wii board into the living room and did step and step leg raises while I watched a whole episode of BL UK (40 mins in all because I fast forwarded through the adverts). With my Wii this morning and the walking and stairs it was one brilliant exercise day with over 1500 calories burned.

Hope this shows on the scales this week.

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