26 August 2010 – then I went and spoiled it all



• Exercise: 504
• Consumed: 1153

As today was my last day at work before a whole week off I’m delighted its over. No work now until the Monday after next. WOO HOO! There were not many people in today because lots of people are working their rest day next week so they can have an extra long bank holiday weekend. Because of the low numbers and Kim being off we were really busy so my team and Cherry’s team joined forces. Because we hit our targets, Cherry, bought Pizzas for everyone for lunch. I am really proud to say that I had my sandwich and resisted the pizzas altogether.

Then I went and spoiled it all by accepting a lift home from Cherry. Not so good. I also didn’t do any exercise this evening because my shopping arrived at the same exact moment I walked through the door. Seriously, the Sainsbury’s man followed me down the path. By the time I’d put it away it was almost 9.30 and I still had to have dinner.

Because we are flying out to Naples on Monday the week ahead is going to be manic. Lots of preparation to do over the next couple of days so I’m not sure how much exercise I will be able to fit in. Coupled with weighing in a day early I’m worried I won’t have done enough for a loss.

2 thoughts on “26 August 2010 – then I went and spoiled it all

  1. WAY TO GO ON RESISTING THE PIZZA AT LUNCH!! I’m so proud of you!! I would have never been able to do that! I am a pizza (actually cheese) freak! So your will power really impresses me! Don’t forget what it felt like to overcome that stupid pizza. You are amazing and awesome and I hope you have a fantastic vacation!

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