28 August 2010 – last chance cooking

Mostly cooking

Mostly cooking

The sun has got his hat on here for the first time in days. There is still packing and planning to do today, despite all my work yesterday. Mostly this involves cooking meals for Mini Commando while we are away. Well, I can hardly leave him to fend for himself even if he is twenty years old. Besides, if I cook and all he has to do is microwave things there is a small chance the house, particularly the kitchen, will not be a total mess when I get home.

Apart from the packing, cooking thing, I tried hard to fit in as much exercise as I could in preparation for tomorrows early weigh in. There was Wii Fit, step and lots of running up and down stairs, plus a walk up the Big Hill and back for a few last minute items. Let’s hope that will be enough to satisfy my scales. They are not easily pleased.

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