29 August 2010 – champagne surprise

Holiday celebration from Wikemdia Commons by Niels Noordhoek

Holiday celebration from Wikemdia Commons by Niels Noordhoek

The overcast morning didn’t really bother me for once. There wasn’t going to be any walking as I’d be spending most of the day sitting in the car. The weigh in was the thing I wasn’t looking forward to. I had to really psyche myself up to get on the scales because there hadn’t been as much exercise as I’d have liked and there was one whole day less to lose weight in. when I finally did weigh myself I was over the moon with a two and a half pound loss! This more than makes up for last week’s rubbish result and proved that Annep was right about eating all my calorie allowance. She said I might not have lost because I was under calories almost every day. It doesn’t really make sense but I bow to her greater knowledge. This week I kept up the exercise, more or less, and made sure I ate all my calories. It worked!

Now I am ten stone twelve! Ten stone something didn’t seem possible a while back but I have reached the first target I set myself. This was another of Annep’s gems of wisdom. She told me not to look at the whole picture because, when you see how much you need to lose it can be discouraging, instead she said I should set myself small targets that I could achieve fairly easily. Hitting the first one is a real feel good factor. This is just the incentive I need to keep on target while I’m in Italy.

Obviously I not going to be perfect in the face of all the lovely Italian food but I’m really going to try not to put weight on if I can help it. While I’m away I won’t be able to count calories properly and my exercise regime will be all messed up but I’m going to do my best not to put anything on. Staying the same will be a real result if I can achieve it. Right time to think about my next goal…

After a lazy breakfast, we set off for Gatwick. We aren’t actually flying until tomorrow morning but, as it’s a really early flight, Commando booked a hotel close to the airport so we will start the holiday refreshed rather than frazzled from a long early morning drive in stress inducing traffic. The Marriot Hotel looked really nice for an airport hotel. there was even a fitness room and I wondered if i might get a chance to fit some exercise in after all. Commando frowned when I mentioned it.
“We’ve got an really early start tomorrow. You need to relax a little, not be so obsessed,” he said.

After a light dinner we retired to our room. On the way up there Commando twisted his ankle. At least, that’s what he told me. He said on the bed clutching it and groaning and I was worried how we’d do any walking or sight seeing in Naples if his ankle was crocked.
“There’s an ice machine in the hall,” he said, “can you go and get me some. I can wrap it in a towel and make an ice pack.”
Off I trotted with the tooth mug from the bathroom and when i came back to the room with the ice he was walking around as if nothing had happened. The sneaky devil had brought a bottle of pink champagne with him and was trying to get me out of the room so he could produce it and surprise me. I love champagne but I think I may be over calories tonight. Oh well, I’m on holiday. Hopefully all the walking when we get to Naples will cancel it out.

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