30 August 2010 – Walking around Naples

The streets of Naples

The streets of Naples

Yesterday there was no exercise at all and I ate loads. even so I ended up within my maintenance calories which was not bad when this also included half a bottle of pink champagne! Breakfast today was a croissant and coffee plus fresh orange juice. I couldn’t even begin to calculate the calories in that little lot. Then there was a skinny latte in Pret A Manger at Gatwick South Terminal.

The flight was as uneventful as any flight with me on it can be. I hate flying so every little bump has me clutching my seat arm. Hard to believe I used to jet all over the world when I worked at Dream Factory and I never even began to get used to it. At least this was a short flight with hardly any time to work myself into a panic. We spent the afternoon walking around Naples so hopefully I burned off some of that breakfast this morning. The sun was shining and it was really really hot so maybe a sweated a few calories out too. Naples is totally covered in graffiti. It isn’t the prettiest city but I quite like it. Maybe it’s because it’s a port so I feel at home. We wandered down tiny, narrow lanes and explored the sea front, getting slightly lost of course.

It’s hard to really know what calories I’ve eaten. There was breakfast and the skinny latte which I could make a stab at the calories in. We didn’t really have lunch, just an ice cream. When I say just… Oh my god, chocolate ice cream so dark and tasty I don’t care how many calories it was. We walked loads but I didn’t keep track of the times so the exercise diary is all to pot too. We sat in the bay of Naples and had a leisurely drink (diet coke), then walked accross the road for an authentic pizza baked in a real stone oven. Delicious. Now we’re back at the hotel tired and ready for bed. Vesuvius tomorrow!


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