20 August 2010 – walk jogging with Rae


• Exercise: 1169
• Consumed: 1493

At the crack of dawn, well eight O’clock, Rae and I set off for Riverside. She lives in Gosport which is flat as a pancake so, almost at once, she slowed to a walking pace which was good for me because I was wearing my walking shoes and, anyway, I was less than keen on the whole jog/walk thing. This is one of the flattest walks around here but there was a great deal of grumbling and huffing when we left the Main Road and headed up towards the park. The funny thing is I’d never even realised it was up hill until then. Compared to the Big Hill and the Little Hill the road is just a gentle slope. Rae thought otherwise and made sure I knew it. Continue reading


19 August 2010 – a bad day and a good day


Tuesday • Exercise: 941 • Consumed: 1034
Wednesday • Exercise: 1064 • Consumed: 948
• Exercise: 924
• Consumed: 953

Bad, bad day at work today. Nothing but horrible calls, complicated queries and just plain difficult customers. If I had a pound for every time someone swore at me I could probably give up work altogether. This was the last day in a week of rubbish calls but it was by far the worst. To cap it all I didn’t even get any sales. After such a quiet afternoon yesterday it was so manic I ended up working thorough part of my lunch break to get some call backs done because I couldn’t get any time off the phones to do them. To end a rubbish day I was half way home when I realised I’d left my trainers under my desk. Once I get to work I change into pumps because people keep looking at me in an odd way of I keep the trainers on all day, plus they make my feet hot, somehow I’d neglected to change back into the trainers before I left the office. Continue reading

16 August 2010 – stairs and sandbags

New rucksack

New rucksack

11 st 1.6 lb
• Exercise: 777
• Consumed: 1123

This morning, ater a good weigh in where I lost 2 lb, YAY, I decided that I would carry my sandbags in my brand new rucksack on my walk to work to burn some extra calories. All went well and I got to work at the usual time, a little but more tired than usual but no problem. Inside the building I foolishly decided that, to be really good, I would walk up the stairs (I’m on floor 6 so there are 12 flights!). Last week I promised myself I would try to do this at least once a day from now on but, when I made that promise, I hadn’t factored in the sandbags. Continue reading

15 August 2010 – hills and bombshells

The Little Hill, not so little

The Little Hill, not so little

• Exercise: 620
• Consumed: 1263

The sun was back out this morning so I took advantage while I could and walked up the Big Hill to do my grocery shopping. Two heavy shopping bags should have helped with the calorie burn on the way back down. Good job it’s uphill there and downhill going back! Continue reading

14 August 2014 – shopping for pants



• Exercise: 1010
• Consumed: 1201

Today I walked into town to burn some calories and to look for rucksacks while I was at it. After a bit of a hunt I found a nifty little sports rucksack with padded straps so I can load it up with my bags of sand for my next walk. It has nice strong straps too so it should hold up ok and not cut into my shoulders either. After that I treated myself to some fancy pants in Debenhams. These were a bit of an extravagance, being proper designer ones from Jasper Conran and Ted Baker but they were size 14 and silk. the height of decadence but it really was about time because my old ones are so big now they keep falling down. Luckily I live in trousers really or it could have been embarrassing. Imagine if those huge knickers had ended up round my ankles in the street! The pants weren’t cheap either but, after all the effort I’ve made to lose weight I think I deserve a treat and a pants treat is way better than a food treat. Continue reading

13 August 2010 – sandbags in my rucksack


Thursday • Exercise: 679 • Consumed: 1129

• Exercise: 1101
• Consumed: 1296

True to my word I did the riverside walk again this morning. This time I filled my little leather Versace rucksack with the weights from my rebook weights. I weighed the rucksack, complete with weights and all the other rubbish I carry around and it was well over 11 lb! This was not some kind of masochistic self torture but an effort to burn more calories. Last night I checked it out on the BL having exercise calories and it really does work, well, in theory anyway, the proof of the pudding… Continue reading

11 August 2010 – stairs fallout

Mad House

Mad House

• Exercise: 193
• Consumed: 1028

It’s a bit depressing being back at work after my week off. If only I could stay at home and keep getting loads of exercise in. Commando had a dentist appointment so he gave me a lift in which meant exercise was sadly lacking especially as I only did minimal Wii when I got up because I was feeling tired after yesterday’s stairs escapade. Continue reading

10 August 2010 – a stairs challenge


• Exercise: 391
• Consumed: 1155

Today it was a reluctant walk back to the Mad House. At least it was sunny but that just served to remind me I was going to be stuck in an office all day instead of walking along the river or working in the garden. There was some Wii Fit before i left, one of the advantages of not starting until ten but having to get out of bed at six thirty because Commando is getting into bed after a night at work. Thinking about how I could fit in some extra exercise I decided to walk up the stairs when I got to Mad House, all six flights to my floor. Of course, it was possible I’d need medical attention when I got to the top but, on balance, I thought it was worth the risk. Continue reading

9 August 2010 – too much birthday food


11 st 3.6 lb BMI 27.1

• Exercise: 1074
• Consumed: 2176

Today was Commando’s birthday so I took the day off and we walked into town, had a coffee, looked around the shops and walked home again then spent some time in the garden. It was much better than being stuck in the office with a head set on I can tell you. Wouldn’t it be nice to live like that all the time? Continue reading

8 August 2010 – a long aimless walk


• Exercise: 884
• Consumed: 1078

After Commando went to work this afternoon I decided I was going to go for a long aimless walk. Even though I walk all the time I always have somewhere to go and something to do at one end or the other so I rarely just walk for the fun of it. Anyhow, at four o’clock, I set out with only my iPod for company and just walked. There was no grand plan but I found myself walking along the riverbank through Riverside Park. Back to the scene of my Race For Life training and many walks with the boys when they were little. Continue reading