7 August 2010 – throwing it all away


• Exercise: 394
• Consumed: 1520

Last night I resisted the comfort eating. This was mainly because I posted how I was feeling on the BL site and had so many messages of support from the fabulous ladies on the BL site. These kept me positive and, as a bonus, kept me busy. In the end I just had a nice cup of cocoa with a dash of rum and a muller light (ok two mullers lights). Situation avoided. Continue reading

6 August 2010 – sometimes only chocolate will do


• Exercise: 330
• Consumed: 1287

Today was a bad day. Not bad in the diet and exercise department just BAD. A family issue came up that forced me to talk about a time in my life I would rather not think about. It was something I hadn’t really thought about for a very long time and would rather not have had to confront. Enough said.

Now I’m feeling quite down and shaken by the emotions that it has dredged up. My brain is telling me to comfort eat. I want a BIG bar of chocolate or to eat my way through the boy’s tin filled with chocolate biscuits. Down that route lies weight gain though so, so far, I have resisted and I am sitting with a can of diet coke watching Biggest Loser on sky plus.

5 August 2010 – present shopping

Walking to town

Walking to town

• Exercise: 1239
• Consumed: 1026

Today I’ve been very busy. With no time limits due to not having to go to work, I did a long session on the Wii this morning, my normal routine then two ten minute boxing sessions (which are strangely actually 13 mins long??) and a half hour on the step. After a shower, breakfast, some housework and getting some washing done and out I set off for town. Continue reading

4 August 2010 – fat girl running


• Exercise: 953
• Consumed: 1078

The weather smiled on me today. Alfie and I sat in the garden and her little boy toddled around being an angel even though she says he’s naughty. The last time she saw me it was May and she was shocked at how much weight I’ve lost since then. Hearing someone say you look amazing is quite a morale boost, especially as I didn’t lose this week and was feeling a bit demoralised. Continue reading

3 August 2010 – out exercising a bad diet


• Exercise: 1130
• Consumed: 1150

Good job I didn’t have to go to work this morning, what with the late night. This is a holiday only in name because I’m not going away anywhere but I’m planning on fitting lots of exercise in because I don’t want another stayed the same next Monday. It’s Commando’s birthday on weigh in day and we will be going out for a meal which will be an ordeal if I’ve stayed the same or, worse still, gained. Continue reading

2 August 2010 – too many nuts?


11 st 4.6 lb BMI 27.2 Size 14
• Exercise: 457
• Consumed: 1186

Well the weigh in went much as I expected. I didn’t lose weight but, on the plus side, I didn’t gain either so I guess that is a bonus. Somehow I can’t help being disappointed though because, despite the the meal out and the Chinese, I worked hard on my exercise and I made good choices on the meal so I feel a little cheated. Oh well, onwards and downwards. my week off starts tomorrow so I have to make the most of it and do as much exercise as possible. Continue reading

1 August 2010 – last chance workout


• Exercise: 533
• Consumed: 1076

The Chinese meal Commando talked me into last night was weighing heavy on my mind this morning. The worry was it would also weigh rather heavy on the scales tomorrow too. With little time to work it off before weigh in I did some vigorous gardening this morning followed by some Boxing on the punchbag this afternoon after Commando had gone to work. The boxing certainly makes me sweat so I think I will add this to my routine on a regular basis. Continue reading