3 September 2010 – size 12 jeans!

Riverside Park

Riverside Park

The sun is shining here and, although a lot colder than Italy, it is looking like a nice day. I’m off to do the riverside walk in a little while to try to get back on track after the holiday. Only twenty seven pounds to lose now. Once I’ve had my walk I have to go shopping to restock my bare cupboards. The rest of the day will be washing and cleaning.

Before I went away I won some Hamnett jeans on eBay in size 12. To be honest I was a bit sceptical they’d fit but I thought they might be an incentive. They arrived today and I can’t believe they fit! I haven’t been size 12 since before I had Philo in 1982. Bits of me are toned but there is still a fair bit of flab believe me. I’m not sure the tummy is ever going to be toned or the tops of my legs. Hopefully I will get there in the end. Anything is better than carting all that weight around, although I’m still carrying it in my backpack.


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