4 September 2010 – exercise bike and kettle bells

The Big Hill from the top

The Big Hill from the top

This morning it was bright and sunny but with a chill in the air telling me autumn is just around the corner. Perfect walking weather so I walked into town to pay for the exercise bike and kettle bells I ordered from Argos. There was also a bit of walking around looking for a birthday present for Bard. As he’s not really into material things this proved harder than you’d think.

Commando picked up the exercise equipment in the car this afternoon. Bless him, he spent ages putting the bike together for me and then there was a bit missing. Nothing important you understand, just the knob that holds the seat on! I had visions of having to pack it all back up again and take it back. Luckily a search of the wheelie bin found the offending knob cunningly concealed in a part of the polystyrene packaging. Big sighs of relief all round. Then we discovered we needed aaa batteries for the bit that counts calories/monitors your pulse/time/distance/speed etc. Guess what? No aaa batteries in the house. So after walking into town in the morning to pay for the bike I had to walk up the Big Hill to the shops to get the batteries. Oh well even more exercise I guess. All in all about two hours walking, with my back pack of course.

After all that I did have a little go with the kettle bells this afternoon using the chart that came with them. Some of the exercises were quite difficult but hopefully they’ll be effective. This time I only did twenty minutes I’d like to make it a regular thing if I can get the hang of them. After that I got on the exercise bike but only managed five minutes because Bard turned up with his friend. It’s his birthday on Wednesday and I won’t be seeing him then because I work until late and he will be out with friends celebrating.

Finally, just as we were about to settle down for the evening Commando discovered there was no more wine left in the wine rack. Even though I don’t drink it I felt, after all his hard work, he deserved some so I set off down the Big Hill to the off licence for my final walk of the day. Of course going down the hill means coming back up again to get home so it wasn’t as gentle a walk as it sounds. Over 1300 calories burnt and I’ve hardly used the bike yet. Makes me wonder why I bought it.


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