5 September 2010 – why do holidays go so fast?


It was pretty miserable and wet here today so I had a little play with the kettle bells and exercise bike. Years ago I used to have an exercise bike and did about 45 mins every morning while doing curls and raises with my hand weights at the same time. It seemed pretty easy back then. Today I did thirty minutes on the bike while watching TV. After ten minutes my thighs were really burning. Thirty minutes was all I could manage before I more or less collapsed in a heap and that was without using any hand weights. My legs are still wobbly now and I can see I am going to have to work on this a bit more. Oh well, the flabby thinghs need some work any way so I guess it’s all good.

As the bike proved too much for me I got the step out and watched forty minutes of BL while doing step with my back pack on. That must have burnt a few calories and I hardly noticed. Watching a tv programme really does help you forget the exercise. Watching BL is great because you feel you are working out along with them. Inspirational!

Now I have plenty of housework and cooking for the week to keep me busy as I’m back to work tomorrow. Why do holidays go so fast?

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