11 September 2010 – a rant about clothes sizing

Avoiding the rain in WestQuay

Avoiding the rain in WestQuay

The south coast was wet and dull today. Last night I slept like a log and this morning I rushed through a little light housework and then went for a nice, if wet, walk into town and back. A stroll around WestQuay ended with some size 12 trousers and a nice top that actually fit really well and look nice. Although the designer size 12 jeans I got from eBay fit they are are still a bit too tight and muffin toppy for my liking but I’m working on that.

Why is it that sizes are not universal. Some makes are smaller than others so you never really know which ones will fit? I’ve got two pairs of trousers from the same designer, Jasper Conran my favourite, in the same size and one is way too big and the other way too small. If only they would just get their act together and make them all the same then I wouldn’t have a range of clothes from 16 to 12. The ones that were falling down in Naples were 14 but the same trousers in 12 are too small. This is very frustrating. Maybe we should start a campaign to sort them out?

This evening Commando and I are going out for a meal with Philo and Sirona to celebrate Sirona’s thirtieth birthday. I’m looking forward to wearing my new outfit but not so much the eating out. Maybe I’m getting a bit obsessive, Commando certainly thinks I am, but I worry about not knowing how many calories there are in things and I can’t really enjoy eating them if I don’t know. Seems to me you have to be more than a little obsessive if you want to lose weight and that could be where I’ve fallen down in the past.

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