12 September 2010 – overdoing it on two fronts

Paying for a night out

Paying for a night out

Yesterday, the worrying about eating out calories had me walking for two hours with my sandbags to earn calories just in case. It was a good job I did because I ended up eating them all plus another four hundred. This was mostly down to birthday cake and champagne, plus I didn’t want to be a party pooper.

Afterwards I felt horrible and didn’t sleep too well because of all that food churning around. Now, not only am I tired but my back aches from the walking with almost two stone of weight on my back. In short, I overdid things both on the exercise and the food front. Now I need to rest up a bit and maybe do some yoga and stretching to sort my poor muscles out. Hopefully the eating out won’t have scuppered my weigh in tomorrow.

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