17 September 2010 – working off the overeating


What was I saying about doing all right last time we went to TGI Friday’s? Things were BAD last night food wise although I only had one drink. Despite gorging on sesame chicken strips and chips my calories ended up just over maintenance for the week. This was mostly because I hardly ate anything for the rest of the day plus I’ve been saving calories all week and doing lots of exercise (except yesterday) so hopefully the scales will be kind on Monday.

The joke wasn’t on me this time at least. Last time we had a team night Kim told the staff of TGI’s it was my fortieth birthday and I got a cake and had to stand on a chair while everyone sandg Happy Birthday. This time the new boys on the team were on the receiving end. Kim told the staff Coconut Boy and Mikey had just announced their engagement. To be fair the boys played up to it and sat together looking lovingly into each other’s eyes and holding hands. They did draw the line at a kiss though, possibly because neither is actually gay.

Rae gave me a lift home and stayed the night. Today it was a beautiful sunny day so we did the riverside walk again this morning and then walked to the parcel office to collect an eBay package. All this burned almost one thousand calories because I had the backpack on the whole time. Hopefully that should have helped burn off last nights meal nicely. Now Rae has gone home saying she’s exhausted. I may get out in the garden in a minute.


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