19 September 2010 – saying goodbye to wardrobe favourites

Cooking for the week

Cooking for the week

It was sort of sunny here but I spent the morning doing washing and sorting clothes. Last week I cleared out the trouser section on my wardrobe and put a ton of size 16 winter trousers on eBay. This morning I tackled the top section, dresses, jackets etc. What a revelation! I now have no smart jackets at all (hope I don’t need to go to any interviews in the near future). Luckily at Mad House, unlike my previous jobs, I no longer need to wear suits to work. I am sad to be saying goodbye to my beloved Armani jacket but I guess I will get a good price on eBay because it is in very good condition.

I am also sad to be saying goodbye to my favourite going out dresses which hang off me now. The most amazing thing was trying on a dress that used to be my favourite best dress years ago, a black silk column dress which fitted like a glove as long as I didn’t sit down. If I did it tried to strangle me. This has been sitting at the back of the wardrobe for years because I couldn’t get it on. In a fit of madness this morning I tried it and not only did it fit but it was loose! Even so it still looks great so that’s a keeper. I now have three going out dresses. The one above and two crinkle silk ones that look better now than they did when the crinkles were all stretched out by my flab. Now if only I could find somewhere to go!

By the end of it all I had a pretty empty wardrobe but hey ho. I guess I can have fun restocking. Next week t-shirts and jumpers! When I started this I was size 18 going on 20. Last year I was 16. I am now 12 to 14 depending on style and fit. Don’t want to buy too much though as I have one and a half stone to go still so hopefully will be 10/12 or something at the end. EBay here I come!

The afternoon was spent doing lots of housework and cooking for the week plus another trek up the big hill to replace the plate Commando dropped this morning when he was drying up. Thank goodness I bought the Jamie Oliver set because you can also buy them individually and they are quite small plates which is good for portion control. One of these weekends I’m actually going to relax.


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