24 September 2010 – rain the river and some hills

Gaters Hill

Gaters Hill

The plan was to get up early this morning but I didn’t. Even so, once I had my breakfast I set off on a walk down to the river even though it was thinking about raining. The sky was nothing but black clouds and I had my fingers crossed the rain would hold off until I got home again because I hate walking in the rain. Just in case it didn’t I took my very fetching beret and wore my mac.

When I got to the half way point at the White Swan pub I decided to take a different route home up Gaters Hill to the village. What I’d forgotten was just how steep Gaters Hill is and, half way up, when I thought my lungs were going to explode I regretted the decision somewhat. Even at the top there is no respite because the rest of the route to the village is all uphill, just not quite as steep. At least from the village to my house is downhill but that’s only the last half mile. Two miles up hill aded about ten minutes to the walk but I think it probably burnt a lot more calories. In the end I got in just before the rain started not that it mattered. I was soaked anyway because I got so hot! It isn’t such a pretty walk back to the village and mainly along the road so I will probably go back along the river next time but it made a change.

I have just downloaded an app for my iPhone which uses GPS to track your walks. Maybe I’ll do the riverside walk again tomorrow to check it out. When I mentioned it Commando said he might come with me. Apparently there is a path following on from the riverside walk that leads all the way to Winchester. It’s about twelve miles long so, with the walk to the White Swan included it would be fourteen and a half. Perhaps that’s one for the warmer weather or my next holiday. Mind you I would have to walk all the way back which is more than a marathon! Watch this space.

There is lots of laundry and cleaning calling me now and then maybe some wii. The plan is to catch up on missed exercise if possible although Friday afternoons I’m usually pretty wiped out from the working week so it may not happen.

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