25 September 2010 – a run and a new path to try

Maybe next week

Maybe next week

while I was eating my weekend treat low fat croissant breakfast I could see the sun is shining outside. Commando was in a bad mood because he was tired so he didn’t join me for the riverside walk but I still went because I wanted to check out the new GPS app. It was free so I wasn’t sure it would be any good but it said it tracked miles, speed and steps which is just the kind of thing I need. It turned out to be far beer than expected. It even shows your sped while you’re walking plus calories burned and maps the walk. What a bargain!

In an effort to burn more calories and make up for some of the missed exercise this week I ran some of the route. OK, ran is probably a bit strong, it was more like jogging and my jogging pace is not much faster than my walking pace so it didn’t make much difference to my time. I think I prefer walking because it doesn’t make me out of breath and it’s kinder on old lady joints and bones. When I got to the pub I spotted the marker for Winchester. It does say 12 miles and I have I have decided to take the path next Friday, weather permitting and just do a few more miles each week. I think I might sign up for the moonwalk next year so it will be good training. Watch this space!!!!

This afternoon I had a look at some of my old photos and found some really lovely ones of me when I was much bigger. Actually lovely isn’t really the word I’m looking for, embarrassing is more like it. These weren’t even when I was at my very fattest (I hid a lot in those days when people got cameras out) but they are the very worst I could find. It makes me feel sad I didn’t do this years ago because I spent so much time hating what I looked like. It did make me realise how much my body has changed. So far my boobs haven’t shrunk much, mind you they have always been enormous. Commando has told me if they start to get smaller I have to quit the diet. Seriously, men! Still, as long as he doesn’t notice I’m ok! The problem is, as the rest of me shrinks they just appear bigger. Why are we never happy with what we’ve got?

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