27 September 2010 – 0.6lb of disappointment


With two long walks over the weekend and a fair bit of exercise during the week not to mention no real food disasters I thought I might get a decent result on the scales this morning. What a disappointment. Even after I’d weighed myself three times just to be sure all I’d lost was 0.6lb. This was really not what I wanted to see and it made me wonder exactly what I had to do to lose weight.

Of course I posted a very moany entry on the BL morning thread and, of course, I got some very sensible replies. My BL friends are almost guaranteed to make me feel better. Mr Bumble told me not to let it derail me because those things happen and I’d probably have a good loss next week. Mel C (no, not the spice girl, or at least I don’t think so) told me all the walking and kettle bells might be building muscle and muscles weigh more than fat. Annep sent me PMA sprinkles. So it will be onwards and downwards. Every little bit counts, even if 0.6lb seems ridiculously little. Looking at the weight chart on my Wii I noticed I have lost two stone three pounds since I started with it in January so I really shouldn’t complain. Right, that’s it, I’m shutting my mouth.

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