28 September 2010 – Moonwalk serendipity


The morning was dark and dull in Southampton today and rain was forecast. Still, I told myself I got wet on the walk home last night so I might as well get wet on the way back in. In the end I made it to the office just before the rain really started so I was damp rather than wet. Once in a while luck is on my side.

For a while I’ve been thinking about entering the London Moonwalk. It’s been something I wished I could do ever since I first heard about it but I always thought I was too fat and unfit. I was talking about it at work, saying I might enter next year and Kim said she thought Mad House would probably double whatever sponsorship I made if I did. Strangely, no one laughed when I said it, or told me it was a stupid idea. For some reason they have all got it into their heads I’m some kind of walking expert. Goodness knows where that came from. Personally I wonder about my sanity because it’s twenty six point two miles and that is a bloody long way. Still, for the first time ever, I actually feel I might be able to do it.

I’m walking every Friday on the Riverside walk. The round trip is just over 5 miles but I’ve started to feel as if I’m not pushing myself enough so I’ve been planning to build up on my distance like I did when I started out training for the Race For Life. The Moonwalk seems like the obvious next step, especially since I found out about the twelve mile path to Winchester, which would make a great training route.

This evening I thought I would just Google it and see when it was and what you had to do to enter. I thought there might be some kind of fitness test and, if there was, that I might fail it. By some strange quirk of fate it turns out the entries for next year open tomorrow. Of course that all seemed like fate to me and I decided there and then I’d enter. It costs £45.40 plus a £3 online fee but all the money goes to breast cancer charities so I don’t mind paying up. Hopefully I’ll get a place now I’ve got my sights set on it.

Right, enough messing about I’m settling down to watch the Biggest Loser finale on sky+. No exercise while I’m watching tonight because I don’t want to miss a moment.

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