29 September 2010 – twenty six point two doubts and fears

Too far!

Too far!

First thing this morning, instead of doing my Wii Fit I booted up the lap top and went onto the Walk The Walk website to register for the Moonwalk. Strike while the iron is hot is my new motto. Well, that and don’t give yourself a chance to chicken out. There were all sorts of choices to make which threw me a bit because I hadn’t really thought about any of them.

I had to choose a time for a start and, as I had no idea how long it would take I plumped for the second slowest, six to seven hours. If I’m faster it won’t matter and, if I’m slower, at least there will be people behind me (I hope). Then they asked me my bra size. This might seem like an odd question for a walking event but they send you a bra to decorate and you are suppose to do the walk in it so I suppose they need to know what size to send.

For a girl whose losing weight this is not as easy a question to answer as you might think. I chose a bra a size smaller than the ones I’m wearing now because I’m hoping I will have lost weight by next May. Actually I haven’t been measured for a bra for ages and my current ones do seem a bit big so I’m slightly worried about the size I put now I come to think about it. I suppose it doesn’t matter too much. I can always buy another one to decorate and I’ll probably end up wearing a thick t-shirt underneath it because I’m pretty sure London in the middle of the night in early May is going to be pretty chilly.

When I posted on BL about signing up there was a rush of other people who said they might do it too. Mel C and Mr Bumble posted to say they’d been inspired by me and had actually signed up themselves. Both had put the slowest time because they said they were sure they couldn’t walk as fast as me. I don’t know where they got the idea I can walk fast. I’m fine for five miles or so but I’m not sure I will still be walking at all after twenty six miles never mind fast. We probably could have signed up as a team if I hadn’t already signed up as a solo but we are planning to meet up before anyway. It would be good to meet each other face to face after chatting on line for such a long time. It might even be fun.

All the way to work I was feeling very excited and, when I mentioned I’d actually signed up, a few of the girls said they were going to sign up too. Rae says she might and I’m hoping I can persuade her because it would be good to have someone I actually know walking with me. Later in the day, when all the furore had died down and I’d been taking boring calls for a few hours it began to dawn on me I’d made a rather large commitment. Then the doubts set in. What if I couldn’t do it? What if I was last? Basically it was all the same stuff I’d worried about after I’d signed up for the Race for Life but multiplied by about a million because three miles is one thing but twenty six pint two is something else altogether. Suddenly telling everyone what I’d done didn’t seem like such a good thing.

Training is going to be really important and I’m going to start right now (well Friday) by adding a mile to my walk each week. Hopefully this will mean I’m well up to speed by May. Speed is another thing I’m a little concerned abut. Now I’ve had time to think seven hours doesn’t seem all that long to walk a marathon. It works out at an average of 15 minutes a mile more or less. This is a speed I know I can average on a five mile walk but whether I can keep it up over a longer distance remains to be seen. Then I wondered if I should have factored in loo stops. I have a bladder the size of a small peanut. Even on a five mile walk I have to factor in loo stops, hence the pub in the middle of the route (to use the facilities not to drink you understand). Hopefully no one will really care how long we take as long as we finish and get some sponsors.

The other hot topic of the day on the BL site was the Biggest Loser finale. When it ended last night I felt bereft. What am I going to do in the evenings now? For a while I’ve been watching the episodes on sky+ while I’m working out on the step with my back pack on. What can I watch now? Anyhow everyone was talking about Tracey, who’d been seen as a bit of a troublemaker. She looked mad and sick all at one and everyone agreed she had lost too much weight. She looked ill. I’m glad she didn’t win because it seemed to me she was far too focused on the prize money and had missed the point about the whole thing. The prize is the weight loss after all.

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