4 October 2010 – last Biggest Loser weigh in


Southampton is wet and dull this morning. My weigh in brightened the day nicely though with a 2.4 pound loss! Woo hoo. That makes up for last week. I really didn’t expect it necause I’ve had the lurgy and not exercised as much as usual. Now I’m just under one pound from my next goal which will also take me to a normal BMI. I am snapping at Mel C’s heels all the way.

This will be the last weigh in on the old BL site so it’s nice that it’s a good one. The new site doesn’t have leaderboards as far as I could tell when I had a little look around. Im going to miss them, especially as I ended my time on BL in the top spot for members who joined at the same time as me. what a surprise, I’ve never been first at anything in my life before. Mr Bumble and Mel C were also top for the months they joined so I was in excellent company. Those leaderboards were very motivating, especially in the early days when I first joined and didn’t think I’d ever get anywhere near my goal weight. there seemed to be a fierce competition going on and that really helped me to keep focus even though I’m not normally the competitive kind. It’s such a shame they don’t have them on the new Weight Loss Resources site.

Once I’d weighed in I really should have done some exercise but i didn’t feel up to it. Instead I sat looking at my weight chart. Then I noticed my little Wii Me was looking slimmer than normal and discovered that, if I click on my last weigh in then click progress, it takes my Wii Me back to where I was at the start and shrinks it back down again to where I am now. It was so funny I sat and did it over and over again. Isn’t it odd the things that please us? Ok so now you know what a saddo I am I bet you’re laughing. Bet you go on the wii and try it for yourself though.

When I went out to the garden to fill up the week’s sandbags for Rae and I, mine and found my big bag of sand filled with water. Obviously I didn’t fold the top over properly last time. Oh dear. I think I will have to go to B&Q on Friday now and also find somewhere drier to keep the sand. Doh!

Even though I still feel a bit yucky I went back to work this morning. Commando gave me a lift in because he said I was still looking a bit peaky and he was worried about me. This did mean I avoided the rain but it also meant I didn’t get any exercise at all today. It wasn’t the best of days because I really didn’t feel well and I struggled to concentrate. There is a lot that needs concentrating on at the Mad House with two different systems and eleven other web pages to be monitored at all times. Needless to say i didn’t get any sales.

When I got home piles of wet towels greeted me. The central heating system had sprung a leak while I was at work. Commando had managed to fix it but the only thing he could find to mop up the water was all my bath towels. Bless him, he took the evening off work to help me clear up because he knew I wasn’t very well.


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