8 October 2010 – the Winchester path

Under the motorway bridge

Under the motorway bridge

Despite everything I said I spent far too long checking out the new site on Wednesday night and ended up going to bed late. This made me feel all lethargic on Thursday. I’m not the only one feeling bewildered by it all. Mel C was moaning about wasting too much time looking at all the posts on the other boards. It could seriously cut into your exercise time. To counter this Mel C has started a challenge off to keep us motivated until Christmas. It’s called the North Pole dash and you earn points for ever fifteen minutes of exercise you do. Apparently there prize is a virtual box of fuzzy felts. She’s as mad as a box of frogs that one.

My aim was to add another mile to my Riverside walk today as a first step on my Moonwalk training. Even though I managed it it wasn’t quite as successful as I’d hoped. The part from home across Riverside Park to Mansbridge was really enjoyable. The sun was in the sky, there were loads of swamns on the river and this year’s cygnets feathers are now sprinkled with white. A couple more weeks and I won’t know which are the cygnets and which are the parents. 

When I got to the little bridge, instead of taking the path towards the White Swan pub where I turn to come back, I took the other path towards Winchester. So far so good and all to plan. The idea was to walk down this path until my GPS told me I’d walked three miles, maybe three and a half if I was still enjoying it, then turn back. 

At first there was a nice path through a field. Then it all started to go wrong. The path turned into a very narrow and very muddy track so overgrown I couldn’t see the sky. I kept going because I thought it would eventually turn into a better path but it was slow, slippery going. Worryingly I kept coming across lots of other little paths going off of the one I was on and wasn’t sure which one I should be following. When I reached a proper path going under a bridge I thought I was home and dry. Sadly this was going under the motorway and ended with another narrow, muddy overgrown path. By now I was also feeling a little nervous. There was no one else about and I felt very vulnerable. There were visions of ending up mugged (or worse) and ending up in a ditch.

Sheer bloody mindedness kept me going for the three miles then I turned back. Of course I got a bit lost on the way back a couple of times and took wrong paths but finally, to my relief, I ened back in the field where I started.

 Mansbridge and a nice path with losts of other walkers and runners was a very welcome sight. All in all I walked just over six miles. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, I had to go up the big hill to the shops and ended by walking over eight miles.

 Still it does prove I can easily do the 10K that I’m doing in a couple of weeks.

Maybe in the spring I might try that path again but only if someone is with me. I just kept thinking it was just going to be like that for a little while and then would open out again into a proper path like the Riverside walk. Perhaps it does later on but I don’t think I’m going to risk it. Shame though, it looked so good when I Googled it. Live and learn.

The need to find another route for next week had me Googling like mad and I think I may have found one. There is another path that joins the little bridge at Mansbridge and also goes towards Winchester. This one is a proper path by the look of it on Google, but it does go past lots of houses and doesn’t look that pretty. Still better than being mugged eh?


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