9 October 2010 – hungry and tired

Dashing for the North Pole

Dashing for the North Pole

After my disastrous Riverside walk yesterday morning I thought I was doing pretty well on the exercise front and planned a quiet evening maybe reading my book. 

Commando usually goes to work at four on a Friday and come home at about one in the morning. After my dinner I usually have a quiet evening possibly including a little snooze so I am still awake when he comes in. At four I was looking forward to this as I was quite tired and still a bit lurgy filled. Then Commando announced he wasn’t going to work. He’d booked the night off. He suggested we walk into town, meet up with Bard, our middle boy, and have something to eat. Bard is a musician so money is sporadic and we often worry he’s not eating properly.

We walked to town, just over 2 miles and ended up in Burger King, Bard and Commando’s choice not mine! to my shame I had a junior whopper and also picked at the chips and had a couple of onion rings. Lucky I’d done so much walking really. We then walked home. 

All in all over twelve miles walked and all with the backpack! This earned me almost two thousand calories. The 

odd thing was all evening I was really hungry. I did have a shape mousse and a low cal ice lolly but all I could really think about was biscuits! Since I’ve been doing the low carb evenings I havent really felt like this at all. After dinner I always feel really full and satisfied. Now I don’t know if it was the walking or the high carbs that caused this. Just to be safe I will be keeping off the evening carbs in future. 

After such a long and busy day I slept in this morning and Commando thought he’d let me sleep. Of course that left me feeling all behind and harassed. After such a glorious day yesterday it was dull and miserable today so I spent it food shopping and cooking. I tried out a new Jamie Oliver recipe, adapted to cut down on calories of course. It was a pasta al forno and worked pretty well so I may add it to my weekly repertoire. Sadly this didn’t give me much in the way of exercise points for the North Pole Dash but I guess I earned my share yesterday. Wonder who will be top of the leaderboard this week?

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