10 October 2010 – blondes have more fun?


Because I don’t think the battery on my phone is going to hold out for the time it takes me to walk a marathon I have decided to buy a GPS watch. I’ve done some research and the battery life is more than adequate although the cost is eye watering. Anyway, I bit the bullet and ordered one online. Next weekend I will pick it up.

There seems to be a bit of an obsession on the WLR boards about hair dye and going blonde. It’s all a mystery to me. 

I was born blonde and have always wanted to be dark. Of course I can’t be bothered with the hassle of dye so I’ve never actually done anything about it. A blonde friend at Busy Bees, a call centre I used to work at years ago did go dark once and it looked really strange when it grew out, like she was going bald! 

When I was little my hair was White blonde and I always got singled out. I never got away with anything because I stood out. Perhaps that’s why I don’t like it. I guess we are never happy with what we have eh?

On Friday night Bard told me he was in a car with his mate driving across the Big Bridge into town and stuck in traffic. His mate pointed out of the window and said, “Crikey, look at that woman with the backpack. She’s really power walking,” he thought it was quite funny.

Bard replied, “I know, that’s my mum!” at which point his mate looked quite sheepish. 

Now I’m wondering if I look like a complete maniac when I’m walking. I’m guessing I’m probably famous for it in these parts! More like the mad woman from the village, with my blonde hair always sticking up here there and everywhere, my black and yellow backpack, iPod in, water bottle in hand and not forgetting the glasses. Probably I look like a demented bumble bee especially as I wear a lot of black clothes.

My last lot of eBay items have finished now. Out of twelve there were nine that sold and I made almost £100 on this lot. YAY! Now I’ve relisted the three from this week and three form last week that didn’t sell. Soon I will get round to sorting out the t-shirts to see if I can find anything else to get rid of. The clothes cupboards are looking pretty bare now.


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