13 October 2010 – worried about slipping back

A kettlebell mistake

A kettlebell mistake

Yesterday I was still on cloud nine after the Monday weigh in but this morning it occurred to me reaching is goal is not enough, I have to keep working on it. It’s only one pound after all and it wouldn’t take much to be back into the overweight. There needs to be some space between what I weight and the top of that normal BMI weight. Right now I’m too close for comfort.

The kettlebells are becoming a normal part of my daily routine and I’m sure my upper arms are looking better for it. Yesterday I picked up the wrong one by mistake and wondered why it seemed so hard. What I thought was the smallest one was actually the middle one though. My arms told me about it all day. At least I managed to work through the routine with it though which goes to show I’m making progress.

On Sunday I have the 10k with Rae and I’m getting a bit nervous about it. Even though I don’t intend to run, I may do a bit of jogging mixed in with my normal power walk. The thing I’m really worried about is coming last. Most of the entrants are runners so last is a distinct possibility. What if they’re all standing about looking at their watches when I finally cross the line?

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