14 October 2010 – size TEN and in my wardrobe


Rather than do my normal morning workout this morning I sat glued to the TV watching the news about the Chilean miners. Imagine being trapped more than two thousand feet underground for two months! Watching the celebrations on the morning news. Fought a lump to my throat. It was hard to believe they survived, almost miraculous. They were actually rescued last night but Rachel, my hairdresser was cutting my hair so I missed the news and it was gone ten thirty before I sat down properly, then it was time to go to bed.

Yesterday Commando picked up a parcel from the parcel office for me. It was a Jasper Conran parka I’d ordered from eBay. Optimistically I’d gone for a size ten so I was a bit worried it would be too small but, apart from being a bit snug around the boob area it fits! I can’t actually believe I have an item of clothing in my wardrobe that is size ten. As it was cold this morning I wore it for the walk to work with a nice scarf so I could leave the top buttons undone and breathe. Still, it’s a size TEN! Hopefully this is one thing that won’t end up being too big in a few weeks.

More good news was that I was off the phones for most of the day. There was a big team meeting for the whole floor about the future of Mad House. It was mostly about new systems, new products and ways to improve customer service. Funnily enough it was quite inspiring but it remains to be seen how it will all work.

We were at a hotel for most of the day and they provided a free packed lunch from the canteen complete with crisps and a Mars Bar. This was not good. The sandwich was ok, under three hundred calories so I ate that and the banana but I gave the crisp and Mars bar to Masher. Then they kept giving us sweets and at one point cake. It was like some kind of purposeful diet sabotage. If I’d eaten it all I’d be sure to be back to the overweight by next weigh in. Masher had my cake and I put the sweets in my pocket. When I got home I gave them to Mini Commando.

The whole thing was very interactive with different activities in different rooms. Of course this meant we had to carry our coats and bags with us all the time. For me that meant almost a stone of sandbags in my rucksack. All day I kept the GPS app switched on on my iPhone and when I checked it at the end of the day I’d walked for over three and a half hours and burned over sixteen hundred calories. Blast, I could have had that Mars Bar after all.

When I gave the Mars Bar away I’d been thinking we’d be sitting down all day and I wouldn’t even have my normal walk up and down the stairs at break time. The cake and sweets were no loss. I’m not a fan of sweets unless they’re chocolate and the cake wasn’t chocolate either or I might have been tempted. Oh well it’s all calories in the bank I guess.

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