15 October 2010 – another half marathon Friday

Turning round at Southampton Airport

Turning round at Southampton Airport

After burning all those extra calories yesterday it was off for my Riverside walk this morning. I set off early with a plan to do three and a half miles along the riverside walk to Mansbridge and then head towards Winchester on the road rather than the scary trail I tried last time. Then I’d turn round and come back having added a mile to last weeks total. After that I was going to walk into town to pick up my Garmin GPS watch if I had enough energy left and didn’t chicken out and get the bus.

The walk along the river was pleasant although I got a little hot in my parka. It was freezing when I set out but the walking soon had me sweating. At Mansbridge I crossed the bridge and headed in the general direction of Eastleigh. The three and a half miles took me right outside Southampton Airport and I turned to walk back feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Walking back I was pondering whether to go back home or turn for town to pick up the Garmin. At the Main Road right at the bottom of the Big Hill I stopped for a moment to put a blister plaster on my foot where it was feeling a little tender and thought about a message I’d had from Annep this morning on WLR telling me the mind gives up before the body. There and then I decided to make for town and add another two and a bit miles to my walk.

All the way over the Big Bridge and into town I told myself I’d get the bus home…probably. There was a short wait in Argos for my Garmin but I was actually quite grateful for the sit down. After that I set off towards the bus stop. Right on the edge of the park as I was waiting to cross the road a little voice in my head (sounding suspiciously American like Annep) said, “the mind gives up before the body,” so I walked right past the bus stop and carried on towards home.

Walking up the home stretch at the bottom of the Big Hill I did begin to slow down a little, mainly because my shoulders were feeling a little achy due to the back pack. Let’s face it eleven and a bit miles with all that sand takes it toll.

 After a quick cup of coffee though, I picked up my eBay parcels and my sand filled backpack and started up the big hill to the post office. Mini Commando was supposed to post them for me yesterday but he forgot. While I was up there I got some provisions too adding another two and a half miles to my days walking. 

Just as I was thinking that thirteen and three quarter miles was probably enough walking for one day Commando decided we ought to go back up the Big Hill and make an appointment with the solicitor to change our wills. We wrote them in 1993 and they are ever so slightly out of date. So, I picked up the backpack and off we went, adding another one and a half miles and making this another half marathon Friday. 

The rest of the day I relaxed, mainly, although we did drive out to the industrial park to Currys to get some new iPod headphones to replace mine which have disintegrated and an ink cartrige for the printer. Now I’m feeling little tired but I’m going to treat myself to a nice rum and coke and settle down for the evening.

Today I burned 2151 calories and ate about 1400. Maybe I should eat something else before I go to bed but strangely, I don’t feel hungry. All this walking has to be good practice for the moonwalk. Oh, I almost forgot, I have the 10k race on Sunday too.


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