16 October 2010 – missing the sweet spot


Half way through sorting through my T shirt and jumper drawers and getting my winter wardrobe ready I found a pair of lovely Toast trousers that had always been to small. I hid them and promised myself I would get into them one day not really believing I would. Anyway I thought they might fit now so I tried them on.

Guess what? Miles too big! I started thinking, maybe with a belt, but I was grasping at straws as they are massive! 

About 90% of my jumpers and T-shirts are officially miles too big too. While I am happy with this obviously, there are some real favourites about to go on eBay. Half way through and 5 drawers worth now fit into one! In one way I’m feeling pleased with myself to have lost so much since last winter but I’m also sad to say goodbye to my old faithfuls. Does this make me nuts?

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