17 October 2010 – the Southampton 10k

Looking cold because I was

Looking cold because I was

When I ate my morning muesli I was feeling a little nervous. Mostly this was about coming last in the 10k race and looking a prat. At least it wasn’t raining. Walking the last half mile from Rae’s car to The Common we relished it was freezing though and, just in our running gear we shivered our way through the wait for the start. Even with a fleece on I looked as if I was shivering in the photo Rae took while we waited, mostly because I was.

Despite all my worries I finished the 10k mostly power walking but with a little jogging thrown in for good measure. Rae disappeared into the distance fairly early on and I didn’t even bother trying to keep up. It was amusing to see the ultra slim in their high tech running gear being passed by my little Rae too!

Best of all I didn’t come last. To my relief there were lots of people slower than me. Several times I overtook the same people who were running flat out then walking really slowly in between. My walking was fast throughout and the jogging pretty slow. I crossed the line in one hour twenty three minutes which is rubbish when you think the first runner crossed in fifty six minutes. Still I was pleased with myself and not even out of breath. The man from Heart Radio at the finish line told me I made it look easy. 

Not bad for an old girl. 

The lovely Rae ran the whole thing and did it in one hour four minutes, which is fabulous. I hope she is really proud of herself. If not she should be.

We came back and Rae had dinner with us, chicken breast with garlic and herb butter, potato cubes baked with mixed herbs and olive oil and a nice green salad. We both deserved it and it tasted great. 

Next stop Moonwalk!

On the WLR runners board several people have done different 10K runs today. There is someone who also did the Southampton 10K and did it in fifty eight minutes, this is someone who runs all the time though and as the first finisher was on fifty six minutes she must have been right up there at the front. There was also someone else running for their first 10K who did it in one hour eleven minutes and they ran the whole thing. This made me feel a lot better about my time, especially as I’d walked most of it. 

Rae was amazing. She’s doing the Great South Run next weekend too! 

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