22 October 2010 – walking to the airport

The airport

The airport

For the first time I really wasn’t looking forward to the Riverside walk today, especially not getting up early on my day off. Even so I dragged myself out of bed when the alarm went off and was out of the house just after 8, wrapped up warmly with a hat, scarf, gloves, my parka and of course the rucksack. I was glad I was because it was very cold down by the river. 

There were lots of swans by the big bridge today but only one cygnet which was odd as there were quite a few last week. When I got to Woodmill, where the little family of five cygnets and their parents are usually swimming I was looking forward to seeing how many white feathers they had this week. Last week the grey was beginning to be speckled with white. This week there was no sign of the cygnets at all, just the parents. I wonder where they have all gone?

When I got to the little bridge I was very tempted to turn back but I pressed on. I made it to the airport and turned back at exactly three and a half miles. This part of the walk is not as pleasant as walking along the river, especially past the Ford factory, but there isn’t much in the way of traffic most of the time. By the time I got back to the little bridge my shoulders were aching from the rucksack and, oddly, I felt really hungry, even though I had museli before I went out. It was tempting to stop and sit by the river for a while. I didn’t though.

I planned to walk eight miles because I had some parcels to pick up from the parcel office and figured that would add another mile onto my journey. Again I was tempted to forget the parcels and drive over to get them later but I talked myself into carrying on. 

The two parcels I had to collect turned out to be seven for some reason (perhaps my postman can’t count) so I ended up with two carrier bags to add to the weight of the rucksack for the last half mile. My shoulders were really hurting by this point and I wonder if I will have to reconsider the rucksack if I’m doing really long walks in future or perhaps take some of the weight out.

When I got in and checked the Garmin it turns out I underestimated the trip to the parcel office and actually walked just under eight and a half miles. I stopped for a snack and a drink then cleaned the bathroom before Commando and I walked up the big hill to the solicitors where we had an appointment to sort out our wills. After that there was a quick trip round the shops to pick up some provisions then home for a nice lazy afternoon.

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