24 October 2010 – bra measuring success


Lovely blue sky and sun here this morning so I went off to town to get some things for Mini Commando for his new job. He needed special trousers and shoes and some White t-shirts. Commando went off to look for the t-shirts and I had a quick look in La Senza for some more PJ’s. The ones I got on eNay are so snugly I wanted some more for winter.

There I was looking around and the assistant came up and asked if I needed any help. Normally I hate this when I’m just looking so I said “no thanks, just looking at the Pyjamas.”
She pointed out that they had a two for one offer at the other end of the shop and took me over to show me. 

Of course they were all sized in small, medium and large and I wasn’t sure which would fit. I asked what she thought and explained that I had lost weight so didn’t really know which size to choose any more. This of course led to her asking how I had lost the weight (she was quite a big girl) and I ended up telling her about the website and my rucksack etc. 

Looking impressed she asked if I had been measured for new bras since I’d lost the weight. I said I had a few months ago but knew I would need to be measured again soon although I was waiting until I reached goal. Last time I was measured I went to M&S and I wasn’t that impressed with the service, plus I had to book a week in advance for an appointment. The assistant said she could measure me right there and then if I liked even if I didn’t want to buy anything today. I had a little time before I had ro meet up with Commando so I thought why not.

I was very impressed with the experience. She measured me, told me I was actually 34 and not the 36 I was wearing. To be honest I kind of guessed that as, if I put my arms over my head, I end up with bits of me hanging out below my bra – what a lovely thought. She also thought I was an E cup and not DD as I have been for some years now. She bought in a bra for me to try, adjusted the straps and, hey presto, a perfect fit. So much better than the bra I was wearing, even when it was brand new and actually fit. As for the PJ’s, she told me to get small. They fit! Unbelievable. 

Perhaps she is just a good saleswoman but I ended up with two pairs of PJ’s and two new bras.

So, if you are looking to get measured La Sensa has a very good service. 

Also Commando is pleased to know that, although my back has got smaller, my boobs have actually gone up a cup size. RESULT

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