25 October 2010 – feeling rough

That should just about cover it

That should just about cover it

The day started off cold and crisp with rain forecast. When I woke up I felt pretty rough, the start of another cold with a bunged up nose and sore throat. This is the peril of working in an air conditioned office with a couple of thousand people, one sneeze and you know it’s going to get you sooner or later. Wii Fit was out of the question but I did weigh in. The good news is I had a loss. The bad news is it was only half a pound. Oh well, back to basics this week to see if I can get the weight moving again.

Now I’m a normal BMI I suppose it’s going to be a tough battle for every ounce. Hopefully the cold won’t slow things up. I’m dosing myself up with cold and flu capsules and fresh orange juice to try to stop it in its tracks. Whether this will work or not remains to be seen.


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