26 October 2010 – duvet day

Sadly, I looked nothing like this at all

Sadly, I looked nothing like this at all

To be honest I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself. I’ve been coughing non stop throughout the night which means I didn’t get much sleep. Most of the night was couch, couch, cough, sip of water, cough, cough, cough, go to the loo because of the water. For quite a while I sat in my PJ’s trying to prise my eyes open and deciding whether I’d be able to make it to work or not.

I did next to no exercise yesterday and I did none at all today because I didn’t go to work in the end. When I rang in my boss said she’d out it down as a duvet day so it wouldn’t count as sickness. The Mad House are very strict on sick time so I was quite grateful. This will be OK as long as I’m well enough to go in tomorrow.

On the plus side I didn’t eat much so I stayed well within calories. My stomach muscles feel like I’ve been doing sit ups all day. It must be all the coughing. I wonder if you can get a six pack from coughing?


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